TORC – TOEBI Old English Reading Club

We would like to invite all members to our newest online group, TORC (TOEBI Old English Reading Club)!

The past year has been a chaotic and isolated time for many Old English researchers and enthusiasts. TORC offers a chance to meet other TOEBI members and discuss an Old English text over a hot cup of tea or even some mead!
Everyone is welcome, whether you are an expert or newcomer, a postgraduate or a professor.

Non-TOEBI members will need to join TOEBI first HERE.
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Next meeting:

24th February 6pm GMT on Zoom

A Voyage of Ohthere: Discussing fake-deers, wastelands and ells.

In this session, we will look at a passage from one of the voyages of Ohthere in the Old English translation of Orosius’ Historia adversus paganos (History against the pagans). This session will be a little different. As there are so many interesting points in this section, I would like for each person read through the passage and focus on a particular line(s) which have an engaging concept/theme/piece of language. It is up to you!


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