TOEBI Newsletter

The annual newsletter of TOEBI provides a conference report of the annual meeting, articles on Old English pedagogy, reports by TOEBI Award holders and book reviews.

TOEBI is committed to safeguarding the diversity of our membership. Please be mindful of your citational practices and think carefully about whom you cite and why. You are encouraged to consider the use of scholarship that emanates from figures who have gained publicity for their antifeminism, racial harassment, or supremacist views, etc., and to be aware of contemporary political debates regarding the misappropriation of the medieval past by far-right communities and their allies.

Citation, as described by Dr Sara Ahmed, can be understood as a ‘reproductive technology, a way of reproducing the world around certain bodies’, which ‘take up spaces by screening out the existence of others’ []. 

This guidance above is adapted from the recommendations of Medieval Feminist Forum [], the journal of the Society for Medieval for Medieval Feminist Scholarship [].

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A call for contributions for our 2025 edition will be announced later in the year. Our current editors are Francesca Brooks ( and Chiara Giancoli ().